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Harnessing the power of social media

How we helped bring brands and celebrities together to harness the power of social media for endorsement marketing purposes


We are living in an “age of recommendation”. Thanks to the power and ubiquity of social media, we are more likely to buy a product or use a service because someone we know gushed on Facebook about the customer service they received when returning a faulty item.

Or a celebrity we admire mentioned they felt toasty warm in their new scarf, having posted a selfie on Instagram. As we were not exposed to an obviously choreographed marketing campaign – but merely a candid photo with a short description – we felt that the celebrity’s recommendation was credible, that the “seal of approval” was genuine.

This “softly, softly” approach to endorsement marketing that social media affords is pure gold to brand strategists hoping to access a celebrity’s influence, reaching followings that can soar into the millions. For example, with just one simple tweet, basketball superstar LeBron James can reach 23 million followers, earning him the very tidy sum of US$140,000; actress and singer, Selena Gomez, can command US$700,000 for one sponsored Instagram post that will reach her 90 million followers! All with a simple click.

But how can a social media savvy celebrity transform their online profile into a profitable concern? How can they marry the power of their fame with legitimate endorsements or sponsorship deals, ensuring that these money-making opportunities are the right fit for their image?

The people behind All So Pro wanted to help celebrities and brands find each other and saw that a simple solution was needed. They wanted a secure, straightforward online platform that would bring vetted brands and verified celebrities together to create social media endorsements that could be transacted within the platform.

To help them build their online vision, All So Pro turned to AVAMAE. To explore the results of their collaboration, please visit

If you would like us to build an online solution to solve a problem you have identified, please get in touch.

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